Successful Thinkers

Sky is the limit, don’t limit yourself.

Quote - Think Big, Start Small, Learn Fast with background of sand and footsteps

Start out by thinking of all the possibilities outside of the normal. What could happen and how far can it go. Next is to break down the idea in to small do able pieces. Third is quickly learn what you need to make each piece work and a reality.

Read Think Big, Start Small, Learn Fast to learn more. by Chunka Mui.

The Golden Rule: Updated!

The Golden Rule is to treat people how you want to be treated, but it makes it about you.

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Treat people how they want to be treated and make it about them. By having insight into their needs, wants, and likes you will devolop a better understanding and relationship with them. Larry Kendall, founding partner of The Group, Inc, author of “Ninja Selling: Subtle Skills. Big Results.“ calls it the Platinum Rule.

To read more on how to treat people how they want to be treated click here.


Attract Clients don’t Sell

The days of sales, forcing people to do something they don’t want to do, are gone. You will have better results attracting clients not selling to clents.

Attract Clients, Don't Sell to Clients

Atract clients by allowing them to know you, like you, and trust you. #RealCityRealty #brokerage #Brampton #KeepingRealEstateSimpleProfessionally #imagine

Posted by Real City Realty Inc., Brokerage on Sunday, January 14, 2018

Have a great flow, get to know as many people as you can.

You will attract clients that

Know you

Like you

Trust you