Standing up to The Fear of Public Speaking

Ten incredible individuals began a six week journey on May 9, 2018 to overcome a common fear that many struggle with, the fear of public speaking. These amazing men and women from various professions and backgrounds came into the Real City conference room with fear and left with confidence and new found skills.

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Making a Real Difference

Real City Realty sponsored, hosted, and offered a free 6 week workshop to improve communication skills, presented by Brampton Talks Toastmasters. On Wednesday June 13, 2018 the great efforts and progress of the participants was recognized in a special graduation session.

Pictures of Final Week of Speechcraft
Toastmasters and Speechcraft Participants

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Watch yourself – controlling the fear of presenting presentations

Have a presentation to give? Are you filled with fear? Practice, practice, and more practice is the key. To get the most out of your practice record  yourself. Video record  yourself practising or giving that presentation, watch it, and use as a tool to help improve your communication skills and reduce your fears.

Most likely when you watch it you did better than you thought!

Video Camera display

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